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"The best around for sports specific training. If you want to be a Champion you can't do it alone. Build your team and include Dr. John Paul,  you have my word you won't be sorry."  - H.S.
"I feel more energy throughout the day, and have even seen about a 5 to 7 yard distance in my golf game. I am more accurate and notice better contact as well" - D.H.
"I truly find it hard to criticize the program as you have been very open to changes within my program, having the Skype sessions to check in the first couple of months were great( due for another one soon lol). I have used app-based/remote coaches before signing on you with you and I would say by far your program, your reachability to the client far outweigh the ones I have used in the past. I think you are doing a wonderful job and keep expanding the knowledge out to us customers. Checking in as you do has a personal touch that I think a lot of the other programs lack."  - G.L